ShareTrip launches Domestic Travel Insurance: a relief for the native travelers 


ShareTrip announces travel insurance for its domestic travelers to facilitate unruffled trips

Travel insurance is a common convenience for tourists around the world, but the concept is still unknown to many in Bangladesh. Financial protection against any loss, whether material or even medical; acts as a motivator that accelerates the number of trips. ShareTrip, the nation’s leading online travel aggregator, is once again in high demand offering travel insurance to its domestic travelers.

ShareTrip’s Domestic Insurance will support its loyal customers with financial protection against health crises while traveling or at destination. The product will cover diseases like Covid-19, Dengue, etc. Not only these, but accidental hospitalization, including daycare treatment or even death, is insurable with this service. The subscription is free for this product until December 31, 2022, while the rate is incredibly low for subscribers after this date. The service is accessible through the ShareTrip App and the website.

CEO Sadia Haque highlighted ShareTrip’s relentless efforts for customer satisfaction, saying, “When we travel, we step out of the warmth of our homes into a world full of excitement. To make the traveling experience safer and worry-free, we’re offering Domestic Travel Insurance across all travel routes within the country. Now, our customers can travel with peace of mind, without the financial burden or anxiety of uncertainties.”

The travel industry of Bangladesh has witnessed the progress of ShareTrip in just a few years since its establishment, the core of which has been customers’ utmost satisfaction. The company believes in finding innovative solutions for the prevailing travel mechanism.

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